1. Order
  2. Cancelation, Replacement and Refunds
  3. Payments
  4. Your Account and Alerts
  5. Support and Feedback
  6. Shipping and Delivery
  7. Wallet Money
  8. Mobile App
  9. Refferal


  1. How do I know my Order is Placed?

Once your is Successfully placed, you will receive a notifications through Text on your phone and an Email telling you the same.

  1. How can I check the Status of my Order?

You can check the status of you order by clicking “Orders” tab in your account page while you are logged in at ONLINEDTHSERVICE.com.

  1. Why does my Order’s Status changes every few hours I check? And how does Each Status differ?

The Status of your Order is simply an updated information about how it is being packed and being prepared to be delivered to you.

What each order Status means:

  • Confirmed: Your Order has been placed and confirmed by us
  • Processing: We are preparing the product to be packed and delivered to you
  • Packed: The Product has been packed and is ready to be shipped
  • Shipped: The Order has been handed over to the Courier by us and with shipped you will be updated by us about the Tracking no. of the package
  • Out For Delivery: Its reached the Hub near you and is on its way to your house
  • Delivere: Order status gets updated to delivered once it has been hande ver to you


  1. How do Shipping and Delivery differ?

Shipping simply means the time in which your order will be dispatched from our warehouse and Delivery is the time that it will take to reach you. Dispatch time depends on availability of the product at our warehouse while Delivery simply depends on your location

  1. How can I check where package has reached at the moment?

You can check that by using the tracking number provided by us.

  1. Can I choose my Preferred courier company?

Its not possible to choose a courier company, but we assure you that we only deliver your product to you through the best and most reputed courier partners.

  1. How do I know if ONLINEDTHSERVICE.com Ships to my Pin-code?

ONLINEDTHSERVICE.com ships to almost all the Pin-codes in India, to get better details regarding the same you can call us anytime.

  1. Is there a way to get Orders Delivered faster?

In case of DTH Systems delivery normal takes from 2-3 hours without any extra charges, for accessories   Currently there is no way to deliver the orders any faster than there normal delivery time.

  1. What if I don’t get the order on the Promised Date?

It usually happens due several problems which can be either technical or anything else, so you can contact us and we will update you regarding the same

  1. Order Status shows package as Delivered even though I din’t receive it what can I do?

If you have ordered a DTH accessory and if you are facing this issue than you can straightway contact us through any of the your desired means and we will assist you with it.

If you have ordered a DTH system than you will not face this kind of issue at all, as you will only receive the “Delivered” message once the system has been connected to your T.V and has been activated.


Cancelation, Replacement and Refunds

  1. How do I cancel my Order?

To cancel your order you simply got to “My Orders” page and click on the cancel button.

Or you can simply contact us and ask us to cancel your order for you.

  1. How do I place a replacement request?

You will find a return/replacement button in your account, which you can use if you have any issues with your order.

  1. How to cancel the Order if Delivery is too late?

To cancel your order you simply got to “My Orders” page and click on the cancel button.

Or you can simply contact us and ask us to cancel your order for you.

  1. I received a Damaged product, can I get it replaced?

Yes any product that has been received in an unacceptable condition can be replaced.

  1. My DTH is not getting satellite reception in my location can I return it and get a refund?

The technician will check it the moment he sets it up at your place and if you are facing such an issue you will get a refund as soon as possible.

  1. I requested a replacement, how much time does it take for the new product to reach me?

It normally takes as much time as an order takes to reach you.

  1. Are there any rules for order return and replacement?

Yes, for all the terms and conditions regarding returns and replacements, please check our return and replacement page.


  1. What are the ways I can pay for products on ONLINEDTHSERVICE.com?

There are more than one ways to pay for your Order:

  • Internet banking– Its easy, just use your internet banking account to pay for your purchase and you’re done
  • PayU wallet– Use your Card/Internet banking to add money to your wallet and make your payment from there
  • Card– Credit card, Debit card we accept them all, no fuss, we have a very secure paymet system so you can feel totally secure while paying through your cards
  • Cash-On-Delivery– Most simple method of payment, currently available in selected cities, but we are expanding our reach, you simply order your product and get its invoice delivered to you and once that is done your product will reach you the same day
  • Bank Transfer– Don’t wanna use any of the Above mentioned mediums to make your payment? Well we got an easy one, Transfer money to our company’s bank account, get the receipt, scan it and send it to us through Whatsapp, Email or whatever way you see fit and then just go to the website and fill in the shipping details.
  • Invoice Delivery– Buy your product from us and an invoice will be delivered to you and than you so that you are assured that the product is now yours and the product delivery along with installation will soon follow.
  • EMI (Every-Month-Installment)– If you have a credit card than you can buy a DTH for yourself on EMI, and divide the payment in a time periodyour choice (3-6-9-12 months), and pay slowly.

To know more about payment please visit our payments page.

  1. Are there any hidden charges?

We have a very transparent pricing system and we like to inform our customers about everything they have to pay beforehand, so we would like to assure you that the price that you see on your checkout page is our final price and that is all that you have to pay.

  1. How do I place an Order with Cash On Delivery as a Payment Option?

Cash On Delivery is currently available only for selected pin codes, if your location falls under those than you can just select COD as a payment option and place your order.


  1. What is a Chargeback?

Chargeback is when you pay for your Order with  a Credit/Debit card and than if you are not happy with your order you contact your bank and file a complain which results in us having to give the money back even though we have fullfilled the order.

Or you can also file a chargeback if you have been charged by the bank for the payment but we did not receive it.

  1. What are alternatives of chargeback?

You can contact us about the problems you are facing and we can come up with a resolve.

  1. Are there any rules for a chargeback?

We recommened you contact us before filing the chargeback and see if we can help with it.

  1. Can we deny a chargeback?

Yes. If we find out that the customer’s reason for chargeback are not suitable enough and cutomer has got his/her order successfully we can deny a chargeback.

Your accounts and Alerts

  1. Is it comulsary to create an account to be able to purchase anything from ONLINEDTHSERVICE.com?

No it is not compulary to create an account to be able to buy anything from ONLINEDTHSERVICE.com.

  1. Are there any benefits of creating an account?

There are more than one benefits that you get for registering on ONLINEDTHSERVICE.com

  • Your ONLINEDTHSERVICE.com Wallet- You can add money to it through your Bank account or credit/debit card and use it to order or recharge your DTH system
  • My Orders- You can check all your previously placed orders in this section
  • Referal program- chance to earn ONLINEDTHSERVICE.com cash for inviting your friends
  • Address- Creating an account saves you the hassle of putting in your address again and again as it is saved in your account in one go.
  • Technician- Signing up with ONLINEDTHSERVICE.com makes it easier or you to hire a technician straightway from the App to fix any problems that you might be facing with your DTH system.
  1. Are there any charges for creating an account on ONLINEDTHSERVICE.com?

No. creating an account on ONLINEDTHSERVICE.com is 100% free.

. 4. I am having trouble logging in  to my ONLINEDTHSERVICE.com account, what should I do?

  • First of all it is recommended that you double check the login details that you are entering, your Email id can be used as your Username
  • If you have forgotten your password you can reset it by clicking the forgot password link
  • If you are getting any page related errors such as Page not found etc, just wait and try logging in after 15 min.
  1. What should I do if I forget my password?

You just need to follow the following steps to reset your password

  • On ONLINEDTHSERVICE.com click on Login button on top right corner of the page
  • Now you will see login options under which you will se the “Forgot Password” button, click it
  • Enter your registered email and it will send rest of the details to your registered email id
  1. I don’t want to receive notifications and newsletters from ONLINEDTHSERVICE.com how can I stop them?

You can stop receiving any notifications and ONLINEDTHSERVICE.com Newsletter anytime by clicking the Unsubscribe button in your account and in the mail tha you receive from us.

  1. Will my account be deleted automaticaly in-case I din’t use it for a while?

No your account never gets deleted or deactivated no matter how long you don’t use it.

  1. What is the Wishlist option in my account?

Wishlist is for the things that you might wanna buy in future so you can click on “Add to my Wishlist” button and add that product to your wishlist and whenever that particular product is on discount or available at a better price, we inform you by mail.

  1. If I add products to my Wishlist will they expire after a period of time?

No, everything that you add to your wishlist stays as it is.

  1. Is it possible to order a product that is out of stock?

No a product that is out of stock cannot be ordered, it is recommended that you wait for it to get in stock and than place your order. Or you can simply add it to your wishlist and you will receive an E-mail once its back in-stock.

Support and Feedback

  1. I want to sell on ONLINEDTHSERVICE.com how can I do that?

You can contact us through contact us page or Sell on ONLINEDTHSERVICE.com button for any information about selling on ONLINEDTHSERVICE.com

  1. Can I give reviews about my purchase?

Yes you can give reviews as well as ask other buyers any questions if you prefer the feedback from fellow buyers

  1. I am facing some problems, how can I reach the customer care?

You can go ahead and call us on our 24/7 customer service number 9729991794 or contact us through our contact us page.

Shipping and Delivery

  1. What are the Delivery charges?

There are no delivery charges on any order at ONLINEDTHSERVICE.com the delivery for all the orders is free.

  1. Are there any hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs and the our price is lowest and as transperant as it can be, you will only pay the amount your invoice mentions.

  1. What is the Estimated Delivery time of an Order?

The delivery time depends on the product and your location, if you have ordered a DTH system than you might get it within 2-3 hours of placing the order, and if you have placed an order for the accessories than it might take us around 4-5 days to dispatch it.

  1. How can I track my Dispatched orders?

Once the order has been dispatched, we will provide you with a tracking no. which you can use on courier’s website to track your shipment.

In case of DTH systems, you would be given a Ticket number and you can call the particular DTH company or ONLINEDTHSERVICE.com customer care to know the status of your DTH system order.

  1. Do you Ship Internationally?

Yes, we do ship our products internationally.

PayU Wallet

  1. What is PayU wallet?

It is a Pre-paid source where you can add a particular amount of balance at one time and than shop with that balance until the balance runs out, and if it does you can always add more.

  1. Why should I use the Wallet?

Wallet can be used to shop continously without any need of adding any payment details again and again.

  1. Do I need a special account for PayU Wallet feature?

No, all you have to do is make an account on ONLINEDTHSERVICE.com and you’re done.

  1. How can I add balance to my PayU Wallet?

To Add balance to your PayU account you just need to transfer money from your Bank account to your Pay U Wallet or you can use a credit/debit card.

  1. How do I check my PayU wallet balance?

Pay U wallet balance can be checked by going to “My Account” area and clicking on PayU wallet.

  1. What if my PayU wallet has inssuficient balance?

You can always add more balance to it. Or you can simply pay the remaining amount from either a credit/debit card or Bank transfer.

  1. What If I want my remaining PayU Wallet money back?

You can get a refund, you will get it in your Bank account if you paid via bank transfer or it goes back to your Card balance and reflects in your next Bank/Card statement.

  1. How do I get a refund if the purchase was made through PayU wallet?

The amount will be added to your PayU wallet.

  1. Is there an expiry date for PayU wallet cash?

No. there is no expiry date for your PayU wallet cash.

  1. Can PayU Wallet be deleted from my account?

No. As PayU wallet is a part of your account itself, its not possible to delete it. If you don’t want it, than you can simply choose to not use it.

Mobile App

  1. Why do I need the ONLINEDTHSERVICE.com App?

You can use ONLINEDTHSERVICE.com App for certain purposes such as, Ordering on the go, being able to track you order from anywhere, and even recharge your DTH account from anywhere are at.

  1. Where can I download the app from?

You can get the ONLINEDTHSERVICE.com app from App Store, Google play store, or Windows Store depending on what smartphone you are using

  1. Do I get any special benefits with the App?

Yes, there are periodic special offers that are exclusive to the App

You can hire our technicians for re-installation and any other kind of services only from our app.

  1. Is App compulsary for me to be able to purchase from ONLINEDTHSERVICE.com?

No, It depends upon you if you want to install the app or not. If not, you can still buy from our online website.

  1. Do I need an account to use the app?

No, as with the website you can purchase from ONLINEDTHSERVICE.com without making an account as a guest.

  1. Does PayU Wallet work on App?

Yes, as the App is simply an extension of ONLINEDTHSERVICE.com most of its crucial features are there in the App.


  1. What is ONLINEDTHSERVICE.com referal program?

In our Referal scheme, if you invite your friends to ONLINEDTHSERVICE.com through a link provided to you in your account and if they end up making an account and placing an order you will get some PayU Wallet cash as a reward.

  1. How much Wallet money would I get?
  • If your friend orders products worth Rs 1000 or Below than you Earn Rs 100 and they Earn Rs 50
  • If your Friend orders products worth Rs 1001 or Above than you Earn Rs 200 and they Earn Rs 50

For more information you can check our Refer and Earn Tab.

  1. Are there any restrictions in the Referal programm?

No, although there are no restrictions but there are a number or rules that you must keep in mind, you can find out about them on our Refer and Earn page


  1. How can I sell on ONLINEDTHSERVICE.com?

You can go to our “Sell on ONLINEDTHSERVICE.com” page and contact us through it. We will contact you back with all the information you might want

  1. What if I can’t see the product I wanna sell in the catalog?

You can contact us regading this problem and we will assist you with it. As ONLINEDTHSERVICE.com is a website that sells entetainment products its obvious that our catalog can only be limited to that category of products.

  1. How will I know when any of my products is sold?

We will mail you once the order has been succesfully placed. You can also see the orders and all your sales in your seller’s account.

  1. Is there any fee for selling on ONLINDTHSERVICE.com?

You can contact us through our “Sell on ONLINEDTHSERVICE.com” and we will provide you with all the information you might need before selling on ONLINEDTHSERVICE.com.

  1. When will I get my money once the product is sold?

The money will be deposited to your preferred account once the order has been succesfully completed.

  1. Can buyers see all my listings in one place?

Yes, buyers can see the seller’s name on the website and when they click it they get all the products that particular seller is selling.


  1. Do you sell DTH systems of All brands and types?

Yes, you can find DTH systems from all the brands on our website.

  1. Will I be able to recharge my DTH system on ONLINEDTHSERVICE.com?

Yes, Soon we are adding that feature to our website and App so its easier for users to both buy and recharge there DTH systems without having to look for any other sources.

  1. Why is there a difference between delivery speed of DTH systems and Accessories?

The difference is because in case of DTH we have partnered with the DTH companies and will be able to deliver it to you as soon as possible through the local Installation partner of the said DTH brand.

  1. Can I change my DTH company In-case I don’t like my current system?

No, Its not possible to change the DTH brand like that, if you want a different brand than you will have to buy another one separately.

  1. Can I return a DTH if I don’t like it after I have used it only for a few hours?

Its not possible to return a DTH system once it has been activated in your name.

  1. I am not satisfied with the Channels that I get with my package can I change my package to a more suitable one?

Yes its possible to get a different more suitable package if you are not happy with your current one.

  1. I am shifting from my current place to a new one how will I setup my DTH in my new house?

You don’t have to, you just have to call your DTH company’s customer service number and they will send a technician to your house for setup.

  1. If I am facing any issues with my DTH system whome do I need to contact about it?

You can either contact the particular DTH company’s customer service number or you can simply call us and our technicians will help you with it for a very small fee.

  1. I have got a new TV and I want a new DTH for it for the same brand as my previous DTH, will I get a discount on my new one?

You can check our “How to watch channels on 2nd T.V” page for information on offers you can avail when you buy a second or third and upto four DTH systems of same brand for your house.


  1. Do you sell original DTH accessories?

Yes, all the accessories provided by us are original and are of best quality.

  1. Why do you guys deliver accessories so late?

Delivery of accessories simply depends upon the the time that a particular courier company takes to deliver it to your doorstep. We make sure to dispatch it as soon as we get the order.

  1. Do the accessories come with a warranty?

Products get warranty from there manufaturer, You can find all the information regarding the manufaturer’s warranty on the product page itself.