Advantage of Online Payment

Payment Methods

Get Your DTH in under 3 hours of Placing the orderAt we believe that anyone who orders something from us deserves to get there it delvered to them as soon as possible, and that’s why we try our best to deliver the order to you the same day, but sometimes the location of our buyers also effect the time of delivery.Our Delivery process is pretty straightforward which goes like this:

  • Customer will place there order with there address details
  • We will collect customer’s delivery information and pinpoint there location and also see what they have ordered
  • Once we know the perfect location we start preparing the product fo delivery
  • After the package is prepared we mail it to customer’s location through a trusted Courier service and provide the customer with tracking details
  • If they have ordered a DTH system, we simply inform the Installation Partner of that particular DTH in customer’s location
  • We gave them the details of customer’s order and they send away the DTH system along with a technician to customer’s place to get it done the within 1 or 2 hours
  • So 99% of the time it happens within 2-3 hours of placing the order depending on time of your order and availaility of that particular DTH service in your area
  • Sometimes the accessories might not be at our waehouse and we might need to procure them from our dealers that might take a little longer that is why delivery time fo accessories is longer than that of a DTH system

InstallationBuying a DTH is not a very difficult task when you have at your disposal, but what about the installation?Well, don’t worry, we got you covered, our DTH products are shipped to you via our experienced technical staff, they would install it in your house and make sure its working good the same day as its delivered.So Don’t worry, let us handle your Installation and all you have to worry about is finding the best DTH for yourself.ChargesOn delivery for all the products is free, no matter the location of the buyer.But additional charges might apply (Starting from Rs 250 for extra wire and Some other things) if any extra tools are needed to setup the DTH connection at your home.

Payment Methods

How to Pay? Well there are more than one ways to do soFirst of all if you are worried about your payment in any ways, we say you don’t have to, we have partnered with PayU, which assures that your payment is secure. To know more about that you can head to our Payment Security page.Others ways you can pay for your Order are-

  • Internet banking– Its easy, just use your internet banking account to pay for your purchase and you’re done
  • PayU wallet– Use your Card/Internet banking to add money to your wallet and make your payment from there ,

BHIM App : You can transfer us your interested products payment through Bhim app. More information please call us @ 9729991794, +91-972929991753 & 9729991794

  • Card– Credit card, Debit card we accept them all, no fuss, we have a very secure environment so you can feel totally secure while paying through your cards
  • Paytm and other Wallet. You can also pay us through Wallet through using payment getaway.
  • Cash-On-Delivery– Most simple method of payment, currently available in selected cities, but we are expanding our reach, you simply order your product and get its invoice delivered to you and once that is done your product will reach you the same day for more information please call us @ 9729991794
  • Bank Transfer– Don’t wanna use any of the Above mentioned mediums to make your payment? Well we got an easy one, Transfer money to our company’s bank account, get the receipt, scan it and send it to us through Whatsapp, Email or whatever way you seen fit and then just go to the website and fill in the shipping details.
  • Invoice Delivery– Buy your product from us and an invoice will be delivered to you and than you so that you are assured that the product is now yours and the product delivery along with installation will soon follow.

So with these number of different payment methods you can purchase anything from us with even being worried about your money. Choose the method you see fit and get your product delivered to you.